ACE™ Body Structure — One Part of the Honda Motor Company's Safety Strategy

One of the best ways to make sure you and your passengers stay safe out on the road is to travel in a vehicle that is fully protected. That is why we beckon you to check out the new Honda models now available at Cawood Honda. Designed according to ACE™ Body Structure, these vehicles are more capable of withstanding collision forces than ever before.

What is ACE™ Body Structure?

ACE™ is an acronym for Advanced Compatibility Engineering™. Put simply, it is the name given to the architecture of Honda models. It was developed by a team of forward-thinking engineers who based the design off of information gathered from U.S. and Japanese crash test facilities. In doing so, they made a frame formidable against collisions from multiple angles and different scenarios. By absorbing and re-distributing energy away from the passenger compartment, ACE™ Body Structure ensures that your Honda model keeps you and your passengers protected at all times.

Stay Safe Out There!

This composition is just one part of a more intricate design that makes new Honda models safer. So come over to our Honda dealership if you live nearby in Port Huron, Michigan, so you can speak with our representatives and learn more. After you see the kind of reassurance Honda provides, you will see why we stand by our brand's collection.

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