Why You Should Keep Sand, Salt and Kitty Litter This Winter

With the winter months coming in, there are bound to be some very icy and cold situations with the chilling temperatures. There have been three items that many have used as staples to have for these conditions; salt, sand and kitty litter. As strange as the last item may seem, it provides some amazing benefits, but it may not replace ice-melting salt.

Salt is going to melt the ice or snow, but it is also going to dissolve into the water it creates. This will make the salt no longer gritty enough to provide any real traction, and this is when the sand comes into play. Spreading a nice layer of sand over the area where salt gets applied, or even at the same time, will ensure that the gritty sand always remains to give traction.

Kitty litter serves its purpose ideally if you get your vehicle stuck by providing initial traction by putting a healthy amount right under the tires and just in front of their driving path along with sand.

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