Heed the Warnings Your Car is Giving You

There are a number of warnings that you can get on the dashboard of your vehicle. Not all of them are warnings - some of the more helpful reminders such as your change oil signal, or your door is ajar signal. By knowing what these indicators mean, you can ensure a smooth ride in the local Port Huron area.

If you get a signal that indicates there is an issue with your engine, battery, or transmission, you can have it taken care of at Cawood Honda. That kind of issue requires that a diagnostic test to be run in order to find the root of the problem. The important thing is to not ignore any warning signals that may light up on your dash because they are trying to tell you something. If you're lucky, you will only ever get the friendly reminders and not to the ones indicating a bigger issue but if you do, be sure to take care of it right away. It will save you on repairs.

If you’re ready to have work done on your trusted vehicle, be sure to plan a visit to meet with us at Cawood Honda.

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