Certain Fluids Are Essential to Your Vehicle's Longevity

Keeping your vehicle well maintained is a priority for car owners, and having your vehicle's fluids checked and serviced regularly is a crucial component of routine car maintenance.

When checking your fluids, there are seven that should get serviced regularly. Your brake fluid keeps your brakes in good working condition and is essential to your safety on the road. When driving, whether you are in a rural or urban area, your windshield is going to get dirty. Be sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid to clean your windshield without stopping. Coolant is essential to keep your car running. It's vital you use coolant and not water because water is corrosive. Also, check your transmission and radiator fluid. Having your power steering fluid tested on a regular schedule is a good idea. Oil is the most important fluid in your car. Without fresh, good quality oil, your engine will stop running.

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