All About Tire Alignment

Tire alignment may seem boring, but it's actually very important for your car to function properly. Though the name references the tires, it's actually more about the suspension. Adjusting the tire alignment really means adjusting the angle at which the wheels and tires sit.

Your alignment can be knocked out of line if you drive over something, go through a deep pothole or hit a curb. Signs of possible alignment problems include the vehicle pulling in one direction, tires that wear unevenly or vibrations in the steering wheel. If your vehicle is out of alignment, it can cause inefficiencies like decreasing gas mileage. Poor alignment can make driving in bad weather more challenging, too.

Stop by Cawood Honda the next time you're in the Port Huron area. We're always happy to do an inspection and check your alignment. Adjustments can be made quickly, and we'll have you back on the open road in no time.



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