Your Guide to Compact vs. Full-Size Spare Tires

When you get a new car, the dealership probably will throw in a few extras. One of those might be a free spare tire. These are typically temporary tires that can get you back on the road in a flash. However, you shouldn't drive on a spare tire for too long.

These are not built to handle the load of your vehicle and create additional stress for the other tires. If you want to prevent this, then you should buy a full-size spare tire or ask the dealership if the tire can be upgraded to a tire that is similar or exactly the same model as other tires.

A full-size tire can handle the load on your vehicle and allows you to keep driving without having to go to the shop for a replacement. Most full-size tires are nearly the same or exactly the same as the other three tires on your vehicle. This is done so that you can balance the tires and prevent further damage.

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