Keep Your Tires in Good Shape with Regular Rotations

Despite the laundry list of benefits that come with it, rotating your tires can still be an easily neglected maintenance duty by a vehicle owner. Extending the life of your tires, proper handling in difficult road situations, and even better gas mileage are the benefits of doing regular tire rotations.

A tire rotation is the process of moving tires to different locations around the vehicle to avoid excessive wear to a tire. Front and back tires tend to wear unevenly over the course of time. Rotating the tires from front to back, left to right, or diagonally by a tire professional will make a significant difference in overall performance of your vehicle on the road.

Best practice for the rotation of your vehicle's tires is to have it done by an expert when having your oil changed. Having your vehicle's tires inspected and possibly rotated during regular maintenance can be done at our service center at Cawood Honda. The expert professionals are there to help you with all your tire needs.

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