When Should You Repair Your Brake Pedals?

Your brakes are a vital part of your vehicle because without them, your vehicle wouldn’t stop and you could be in a serious accident. When you push on your brake pedal, it should feel firm and not spongy. If you have concerns about your pedals, stop by our Honda service bays in Port Huron, MI and allow our technicians to perform a brake inspection.

Regardless of how good your brakes are, some things may cause them to wear out and cause them to need replacing. These potential problem areas include:

  • Air in the brake lines – Brakes may need to be bled.
  • Bad brake disc calipers – May become corroded
  • Bad wheel cylinders – May become corroded
  • Worn out master cylinder – May need replacing
  • Damaged or broken brake line – May become corroded and collapse

Whether you need new brakes or just have concerns, our technicians at Cawood Honda can take care of your vehicle. Call for an appointment or visit our shop today.

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