Simplified Guide to Changing a Flat Tire

This simplified guide to changing a flat tire will have you back on the road in less time. Never work on a flat tire while the car is in the way of traffic. Ride the rim if needed a few feet to get to the shoulder or safer area.
  1. Use the car's lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts slightly, then jack the vehicle high enough so the tire is off the ground.
  2. Remove all the lug nuts from the flat tire, pull the flat tire off the car gently.
  3. Replace the flat tire with the spare tire, lining up the tires bolts, then putting the lug nuts back on those bolts.
  4. Tighten the nuts until the tire is secure, lower the vehicle, then when the tire touches the ground, tighten those lug nuts all the way.
Be sure to put your tools and flat tire in your vehicle before driving. Bring the flat tire to Cawood Honda for a replacement and a complete tire inspection.



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