Tires to Fit All Your Winter Needs

Many different types of winter tires are available today, and you can easily find the type that delivers the best performance and value for your particular vehicle at Cawood Honda.

If you're looking for a heavy-duty tire that can perform in the most difficult ice and snow conditions, you may seriously consider studded tires. These are typically winter tires that not only have extreme weather performance features built in but also offer metal studs for extra traction.

For similar performance, you can consider modern studless tires that have special rubber compounds, deep treads and minute slits for extra traction without the metal studs, which can damage normal road surfaces.

And finally, performance tires do very well at high speeds on clear roads while giving you some additional traction on those roads that are covered with snow.

To learn more in Port Huron, stop by our dealership. Our professionals are waiting to help you make an excellent tire selection.



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