Cyclists and Highway Safety

Our Cawood Honda is concerned by some recent highway safety statistics. The Governor's Highway Safety Association reported that cyclist death due to motor vehicle collisions rose more than 12 percent. There are a number of ways in which drivers help cyclists stay safe on the nation's roadways.

Drivers need to avoid exceeding the speed limit. Otherwise, in the event that a cyclist enters the path, drivers are not able to stop the vehicle in time. Stay alert for the possibility of hazards. When passing one or more cyclists, make sure there is three feet or more between the vehicle and the cyclists. In some instances, cyclists may occupy a driving lane. Pass cyclists when the situation is safe. Avoid distractions while driving. Veering attention from the road for a few seconds may mean an unfortunate accident.

We have vehicles in our inventory that are equipped with the latest safety technology to prevent potential collisions. Stop by and take a test drive.



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