Strengths and Weaknesses Summer Tires and All-Season Tires

When thinking about whether to choose summer tires for the summer or all-season tires, there are a lot of strengths and weaknesses for both that you must know. Knowing and being able to weigh in both for both types of tires will help you make the right choice.

The strength of the summer tires is that they have a combination of rubber and certain fillers that make them perfect for driving in the summer during the dry times and rainy days. With the all-season tires, you get deeper treads and more of a symmetrical design which gives you more options for rotating tires.

When it comes to the weaknesses of summer tires, the summer tires are limited in how you can rotate them. They also would not work in the winter because they will go rigid. The all-season tires are not going to perform as well as summer tires on wet surfaces.



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