It’s never fun when another driver’s headlights cause a glare on your rearview mirror. In fact, it can actually make driving hazardous. But auto-dimming rearview mirrors help to mitigate that glare. At Cawood Honda, we believe it’s important that drivers know how this technology works.

When an auto-dimming rearview mirror is taken apart, you can see that it is actually a sandwich of pieces. These pieces include a type of circuit board which contains either photodiode-based photodetectors or camera sensors. Whichever the mirror has, both sensors work to detect glare. When that harsh light hits the mirror, the sensors send an electric signal through a layer of electrochromic gel. The components in the gel then dim, and the glare is reduced.

Technology is fascinating, and seeing it for yourself is even better. Drivers in Port Huron should feel free to come in for a test drive any time.


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