The 2020 Honda Passport might be a smaller SUV, but it makes up for its size with its capability features. Tires on the 2020 Honda Passport deliver exceptional traction whether you're driving on a paced road in Port Huron or on a dirt road between hills. The suspension on the SUV offers comfort and stability while driving on all types of surfaces.

The streamlined design of the vehicle allows for better aerodynamics, making it easier to navigate curves and hills without feeling as though you're going to flip over since you are driving an SUV.

A strong AWD system makes getting through even the toughest conditions a bit easier. There is 280 horsepower behind the wheel of the SUV, which means that you can transport all of the gear that you need and passengers up and down hills with ease or along flat roadways with the speed and fuel efficiency that you desire from a mid-size SUV.



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