Is it time to schedule your oil change? Nowadays, vehicles are manufactured in a way that the engine performance is greatly enhanced with synthetic oil, as opposed to conventional oil. Which one is best for your vehicle?

Conventional Oil Benefits
  • Less friction of internal engine parts
  • Lubrication of crucial internal engine parts
  • Improves the longevity of an engine
  • Enhances fuel economy
Synthetic Oil Benefits
  • Reduces oxidation thermal breakdown
  • Provides greater resistance to engine sludge
  • Higher degree of oil viscosity
  • Less evaporation
Synthetic oil and conventional oil both add value to the quality of an engine; however, only synthetic oil is specifically designed to provide restoration benefits. You need to know which option will provide the best results. Make an appointment with Cawood Honda's service center in Port Huron, and we’ll make a recommendation!



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