Why Service your vehicle at Cawood?

No need to get out of your vehicle just pull up to the door and if its closed all you have to do is honk and we will open it for you to pull in. On those rainy and snowy days it makes it easier for you to come out to get your vehicle serviced!
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Once your vehicle is inside we pull it onto our super duper machine. This machine performs the Cawood Quick Check!
Every vehicle that comes in gets it free!
The Cawood quick check consist of a Electric Brake Analysis, Alignment, Battery Check, Tire Tread Depth Check and a Multi-Point Inspection.
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Upon completion of the Cawood Quick Check the vehicle is then handed over to one of our trusted master certified technicians. Did you know we have the most master certified technicians in the area? Most of our technicians have been with us for over 20 years.

Dan Pelletier
We have the most caring service adviser as well. With  experience over 30 years!

Paul Hoffman

Service manager with 30 years of automotive service experience in the blue water area.
Schedule Service Now!Wait in comfort in our newly renovated waiting room!
Enjoy your choice of coffee or tea. Though if your not thirsty grab the remote and see whats on the TV while you wait!

 Schedule Service Now!Bathrooms are conveniently located in the hallway when you leave service. With a drinking fountain available for those thirsty days!
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Every vehicle that comes in for service gets  a complimentary car wash!
We even have special by appointment Saturday hours!

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