The Life of Your Battery Is Impacted in Both Extreme Cold and Hot Temperatures

Understanding the impact extreme weather conditions have on your car battery is important. It is always a good idea to have your battery checked at our dealership. Your battery can be impacted by both cold and hot weather.

Your battery has been designed to perform effectively in a wide range of temperatures. When the weather conditions are freezing, your battery capacity can decrease by approximately twenty percent. When the temperature reaches 22 degrees Fahrenheit, this increases to fifty percent. During the winter, your battery is susceptible due to an increased draw from the accessories and starter motor as well as the reduced capacity. The capacity of your battery can increase during high temperatures. Unfortunately, this can cause a decrease in the life of your battery.

Everyone at the dealer understands how frustrating it is when your battery is not functioning. We here at Cawood Honda will help ensure you are not stuck in a snowstorm or sweltering temperatures.



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