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Ever Wish You Could Buy Wholesale Before a Vehicle Goes to Auction? Here's Your Chance

Cawood Honda in Port Huron, MI announces Wholesale to the General Public vehicles, a unique buying opportunity allowing consumers to buy pre-auction vehicles at wholesale prices before they're sent to the auction. It's important that buyers understand the conditions of this offering and the buyer risks involved, including the absence of any warranty, but it's well worth investigating, especially at the dealer named the 2020 Honda Michigan Dealer of the Year. Here are some details.

What You Should Know About These Wholesale-Priced Vehicles

As experienced wholesale buyers would know, pre-auction vehicles like these are likely to have multiple mechanical and/or auto body defects. All vehicles displayed as wholesale to the public are sold "as is." The term "as is" means there is no expressed or implied warranty of condition or fitness for a particular purpose. That applies to both the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the vehicles.

The purchaser of an "as is" vehicle will be responsible for paying all costs for any needed repairs. Cawood Auto and Cawood Honda can't assume any responsibility for repairs or other costs related to the ownership of a pre-auction vehicle, regardless of any verbal statements made about any vehicle in the "Wholesale to the General Public" section of our dealership.

As you know, "as is" vehicles like these are normally sold only to car dealers at private auctions. These dealers have experience managing the risks of buying "as is" vehicles and have the service resources to manage repairs and potentially still sell a restored version of a vehicle at a profit. Consumers obviously don't have these resources and take on greater risk.

If You Can Accept the Risks, There May Be Opportunity

Having said all that, it's possible for a knowledgeable and conscientious consumer to find an "as is" vehicle that ultimately proves to be a very good value. Even with the cost of substantial repairs, the price may be low enough that a consumer can still end up with a vehicle that was worth pursuing. Whether you live in Detroit or Flint, MI, contact us to learn more.

How Should You Approach Buying One of These Vehicles? Very Carefully

To participate in these auctions, you would normally be required to have a special dealer license, but that's not required in this instance. Given the unique opportunity at Cawood Honda for buyers around Roseville and Imlay City, MI, how can you increase your chances of making a good choice? For one, if you see a pre-auction vehicle you like, research the wholesale prices online for vehicles with similar mileage and condition to be sure the price represents a real value. Here are some other suggestions.

If you're interested in a wholesale vehicle, give it a quick inspection with steps like these:

  • Check for any moisture under floor mats and rugs that may be a result of flooding.
  • Pull out the oil dipstick and check for white bubbles, which may mean water is present. If you detect bubbles or overly thick oil residue, take a pass on the vehicle.
  • Inspect the transmission fluid. If it has an unpleasant smell or a dark brown color, stay away.
  • Check the exterior for rust, bubbling paint spots or paint that doesn't match the vehicle. Any of these issues suggest you should move on to something else: The car may have frame or flooding damage.

Find Out More about Our Pre-Auction Wholesale to the Public Vehicles

The sales consultants in our Wholesale to the Public department can tell you about how you can shop for these vehicles. To shop other pre-owned vehicles in good condition with attractive pricing, browse our Used Inventory as well as our Featured Pre-Owned Vehicles. If you live in a nearby community like Clinton Township and you want to sell your used car to us for a good price or trade-in your used vehicle for a new Honda model, find out about our special We Buy Cars program. Ask us about the many ways we can help you find exceptional value in pre-owned cars at Cawood Honda in Port Huron.