Our Body Shop Specialists Are So Good, We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee

At Cawood Honda in Port Huron, MI, we have some of the most experienced, most skilled body and paint specialists in northern Michigan. That's one reason our in-house body shop offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all our body and paint work. We do a full range of body shop repairs and painting for just about every make and model of car, truck and SUV, including Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Subaru, BMW, Lexus, Hyundai, Mazda, the list goes on and on.

Please note that our Lifetime Guarantee has the usual kinds of exclusions, meaning that it doesn't cover stone chips, corrosion, improper care, negligence or scratches. But it does protect you from any defects in workmanship and it does cover normal, everyday life. That means the amazing transformation you see in your vehicle after a visit to our body shop is one that will last a lifetime.

We Offer Year-Round Rustproofing: The Longest-Lasting Rust Protection In Its Class

Here's some good news for drivers of any kind of vehicle around Detroit and Flint, MI who continually face our rugged Michigan winters. You no longer have to get your vehicle rustproofed every year. Cawood Honda has partnered with Corrosion-Free Rustproofing to give you the best rustproofing product and procedure in the business. And rest assured, our superior rustproofing is not just for Honda models. We can rustproof virtually any make and model you drive.

The Corrosion Free product we use at Cawood Honda is the longest-lasting rustproofing in its class, which we know vehicle owners around Roseville and Imlay City MI will really appreciate. It's also an eco-friendly, no-drip formula with the most rust inhibitors available and it stops rust all winter long.

When we rustproof your vehicle, we go far beyond other body and repair shops. We provide you with a detailed report on where rust is located on your vehicle, and to give you a more thorough treatment, we remove wheel liners and underbody shields. Those are just a few ways we give you more than other rustproofing providers.

All our technicians are factory certified and trained every year by an auto body technician with 45 years of experience. So instead of trying to fight off rust and corrosion with a new rustproofing treatment every year, call us or go online to make an appointment with our Body Shop at Cawood Honda and let us give you the lasting protection of our Corrosion Free treatment.

Cawood Honda Body Shop Basics: A Preview of Our Repair Process

First there's the estimate phase where our Body Shop manager discusses the repair with you. If your repair is being done through an insurance claim, we may need to communicate with the insurance company after the estimate to finalize the price. If your insurance is one of the 11 Direct Repair Programs that we partner with, this step can be done right here at Cawood Honda. If there's no third party approval needed, we can begin our work right away.

Once the approvals are in place, we go through all the steps required for your repair, including disassembly, securing the right parts, doing structural and body repair, paint, reassembly, final clean-up and delivery. Get in touch with us by phone to make an appointment or send us the contact form below to start the process. Whatever you drive around Clinton Township, MI, give your vehicle the best available body and paint craftsmanship at Cawood Honda in Port Huron, MI.

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