You may be asking yourself, "What's the best price on this car?" or "How do I know I am getting the best deal??"

Well, you can rest at ease! We have surveyed our customers and found that the biggest complaint in buying a vehicle was the negotiation phase. Also national studies have shown that most buyers go online before they ever call or stop into a dealership. We have been adapting to our customers' needs and wants since 1919, so it was very easy for us to see we needed to come up with a plan for our customers that would ensure the best possible value on all of our vehicles along with a strong internet presence to prove that! We work with a company that compares all of our vehicles within 100 miles and adjusts our pricing daily to keep us at the best value for our customers! We are literally taking all of the guess work out of buying your next car!

With this process we are able to bring more customers to Cawood with the "Best Value Online Pricing" and have more satisfied customers by giving them their Best price up front!

How do we calculate "Best Value"? We take into consideration all factors that are important to the average shopper; miles, equipment, condition and even color.

Our marketing plan is completely web based! Which means shoppers can see everything about our cars without ever talking to a salesperson, which only makes sense that we would have to put our best foot forward or we would never have a chance to talk to you and sell you our excellent vehicles!

So just like the "Big Box Companies" if I want you to come in to the store I have to put my best price out there and show you why Cawood is where you want to buy your next vehicle. Lowest price isn't always best but "Best Value" always makes sense!

The internet has brought complete transparency to you the customer, and that is a great thing! Our world has now expanded from the Blue Water Area to anywhere there is internet, the possibilities are endless!

All you need is a Great Product at a Great Price and we have it here at Cawood Honda in Port Huron, MI!