Cawood Auto was founded in late 1918 by the late grandpa John Cawood.  He resigned as the superintendent of Brown City Schools to open the dealership.  In the 1920's Cawood Auto was located downtown Port Huron on Military street.  The first vehicles that were sold and serviced were Essex and Dort.
In 1933 Cawood Auto starting selling Pontiacs and Buicks.   Cawood Auto was also the first dealership in the area to start offering warranties on used cars which was something un-heard of in those days.
In the early 1940's during WW II when no new vehicles were being produced, Cawood's stayed in business by selling and servicing used vehicles.
Cawood Auto moved from Military street to 318 Grand River in downtown Port Huron.  Then in 1954 Cawood had a huge fire that destroyed the service, parts, body shop, and severely damaged the new car showroom.  After the fire Cawood moved to 615 Huron Avenue in Port Huron and continued to sell Pontiac and Buicks.  In 1958 General Motors split off Pontiac and Cawood continued to sell Buicks and also added the Rambler franchise during George Romney's time as head of Rambler (American Motors).  After only a couple of years the Pontiac dealer went broke and Cawood obtained the Pontiac line again and also added Opel.
In the late 1950's Tom Barrett started working at Cawood Auto for his father and in 1965 Tom graduated University of Michigan and returned to work at Cawood's full time. Charlie Barrett started working for their father at Cawood Auto in the mid 1970's after graduation from Northwood University and working a year in Flint.
In the late 1950's Charlie Barrett Senior bought out John Cawood.  In 1969 Cawood dropped the Rambler franchise and added Mercedes Benz and Winnebago to their line-up.
In 1970 Cawood moved to its current location 2516 Pine Grove Avenue. In 1974 Cawood added the Honda franchise.  In 1979 Tom and Charlie Barrett bought out their father and became the dealers.
In the mid 1980's Cawood opened a new Honda showroom in a new separate building on the Pine Grove property.
Cawood was recognized is 1994 for 75 years in business by the State of Michigan and for outstanding service to the community of Port Huron.
In 2002 Ted Barrett III (son of Ted Barrett Jr. who is Tom and Charlie's cousin) joined the Cawood staff.
In 2014 Tom bought out his brother Charlie.
In 2015 Ted Barrett III was appointed General Manager. In 2020 Ted Barrett bought out Tom Barrett and now is the sole owner.
Today after 100 years in business Cawood continues to provide great service to Cawoods Customers!